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B.Sc., degree course in Zoology was introduced in the year 1979. A total of 17 +4 students have secured University ranks in these years. Mrs.V.Gandhi Mathi was the first Head of the department .She served for 25 years continuously from the beginning till 2004. Dr.Mrs.N.S.Vijayalakshmi followed her and served as the second Head of the department. She headed the department for nine years. Dr. Mrs. V.K.Meenakshi is a notable and remarkable researcher and a Scientist. She was been the crown of the department . She had completed 5 Reasearch projects : 1.Studies on few aspects of Ascidians – Taxonomy, Biofouling , Bioindicators and Economic importance – UGC Funded Project. 2.Marine Biodiversity. Taxonomy of Ascidians funded by MOEF (Ministry of Environment and Forests). 3.Screening of a few chosen Ascidians of Tuticorin coast for antimicrotial activity - UGC funded projects.4.Studies on some biomedical compounds from the Ascidians of Tuticorin coast-UGC Funded project. 5. Studies on Toxicity, Anti-inflammatory, Analgesic, Antipyretic , Analsthetic and Wound heading activities of Phallusia arabica. --- Ph.D. research scholar were awarded Ph.D.degree under the meticulous guidance of Dr. V.K.Meenakshi. Co Guide for Ph.D. research scholars. The department has conducted Two National level seminar recently, Mrs K.Kalavathy, Mrs S. Gandhi Mathi(Dept of Botany).were handover to Mrs. Muthukani .M the present Head of the department and serves as the NCC officer for ten years since 2007.

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