The year 1973 marked glorious beginning of the department of Tamil under the guidance of Prof.S.MuthuLakshmi. In 1974, the department was headed by Prof.V.K.Chandrakumari, who was the Head of the institution as well. During her tenure, Certificate and Diploma courses in Gandhian Thought a tradition, which continues till date were introduced. Celebration of Muthamil vizha and commemoration of Sarvodhaya day and other healthy practices of the Department are her initiatives.
Dr.P.Soundra assumed office as Principal in 1977. Due to her efforts, Tamil literature was introduced as a major subject in 1981 and upgraded as a P.G.Department in 1984. M.Phil was introduced in 1987. Dr.P.Soundra authored two books namely, “Oyilattam” and “ Thiru Gnana Sambandar”. Assuming headship in 1990. Mrs.S.Muthulakshmi enhanced the department by making it a research centre in 1997. The research centre has accommodated 170 candidates. During the period 2004-2012 . so far, 2014 obtained doctoral degree.
When Dr.N.Kanthimathi lakshmi assumed the headship of the department certificate course in folkloristics was introduced. Dr.S.Ruckmani, during her headship, organised national conferences and workshop and the research centre was highly stimulated . At present Dr.N.Kandammal, Head of the dept has taken initiatives to organize conferences. In the past five years, the department has earned 9 Gold medalists and 48 university ranks. Oratorical skill of the faculty has been utilized by many reputed literary forums and other institutions. The Department encourages the students to take part in the learnin process. Student centered programmes are regularly conducted. ICT laboratory is generally used to give illustrative lectures. In addition, guest lectures by peer educators are also arranged to enrich the subject knowledge. An add-on course on ‘The Art of Media writing is conducted every year for students of I.B.A.Tamil.


Dr.H.Anarkali has undertaken a project, entited “Sankha ilakiathil Chutrupura Choozhalum Pengalum” , Financial assistance is extended by Central Institute of Classical Tamil, Chennai. The following staff members have been approved as doctoral guides by Manonmaniam sundaranar University. Dr.N.Kanthimathi Lakshmi, Dr.S.Ruckmani, Dr.S.Guru Lakshmi, Dr.P.Pushpam, Dr.N. Kandammal, Dr.H.Anarkali, Dr.M.Saroja, Dr.S.Banumathi, Dr.K.Neetha, Dr.R.SelvaLatha. Publicaitons : The faculty regularly publishes research articles in reputed journals and anthologies. The department has published two conference proceedings. Besides, The faculty members have edited and published the following books “Kj;Jr;rpjwy;”(2010) edited by Dr.H.Anarkali & Dr.M.Saroja “kpd; Clff;fiy” (2010) edited by Dr.H.Anarkali & Dr.M.Saroja “epyhr;NrhW” (2012) edited by Dr.H.Anarkali & Dr.M.Saroja


07.08.2014 Tamilin Enimai Mrs. S.PadmaSantha B.A and M.A Tamil Major students Auditorium


1 P. Isaia Jothi BC M.Phil-Tamil III
2 S.Murugalakshmi BC MA – Tamil III


Dr.S.Sivakami Sundari and DrK.Neetha presented a paper on “Tamil Enpathel Tamilsuvai” in a National Seminar “Re-p-seethee pellaiin padaippulagam” at M.D.T.Hindu College,Tirunelveli. Dr.S.Sivakami Sundari presented a paper on “Iranabuvin manitha mebattueh sinthanaigal” in a National Seminar “Iraianbu padaippulagam” at Mannar Theruvalai Naickar College, Pasumnali Madurai. Dr.R.Selvalatha presented a paper on “Aavalvigatanil peneluthalr kalinpadaoppukalil penniya nakku” in a National Seminar “Ethalkalil pen Elathalarkal” organized by Aarigner anna College & Chemmozhi Tamil Elakkiaperavai. at Aarignar Anna College ,Aaralvai Mozhi. Dr.M.Saroja presented a paper on “Unaiyasiriyakalin Koortrukot basdukal” at a National Seminar “Tolkappia Uraiyasiriyarkal” organized by CICT at Sri Kaleeswari College, Sivakasi on 20th &29th Dec 2013. Dr S. Banumathi presented a paper on “Aart and padoieeli anikalangal” at a National Seminar “Semmonzhi ilakiangalil Anigalangalum pulangu porulkalum” organized by CICT at A.P.C.M. College,Thoothukudi on 30.01.2014.