The year 1973 saw the introduction of the Pre-University Course in the Department of English which later on turned into a graduation course in the following year.
The first Principal of the institution, Mrs. Sarojini Devi hailed from the Department of English. Many more feathers in the cap of the department followed with Mrs. S. Chidambara Vadivoo and Mrs. Ilampirai Manimaran heading the institution, breaking new grounds in the annals of the college. Mrs. Ilampirai Manimaran has a reputation worldwide for her bilingual oratorical skills. She has published many books and has the credit of having led the institution towards the first cycle of accreditation by NAAC.
Mrs. Stella Prabakaran headed the department after Mrs. Ilampirai Manimaran assumed office as Principal. Mrs. C. Gheetha, who served as a Member of the Board of Studies, led the department later, followed by Dr. R.C. Vasuki who is the present head. The department benefitted by the service rendered by Mrs. P. Surya, Mrs. C. Saraswathi and Mrs. S. Lalitha Chellammal.
The department has enjoyed the privilege of serving the nation through the service extended by its faculty, namely, Mrs. Stella Prabakaran, Mrs. V. Tamilarasi and Dr. P. Bala Shunmuga Devi as Associate NCC Officers and Dr. Monica Ramraj as NCC caretaker.
All the five permanent faculty are doctorates in English and members of ELTAI. Dr. Monica Ramraj has served as a Senate Member of Manonmaniam Sundaranar University. Dr. D. Sankary and Dr. P. Bala Shunmuga Devi are registered research guides. Dr. D. Sankary serves as an honorary resource person for the English Communication Skills Training Programme for School teachers organized under the Central Government Aided Scheme, SSA periodically. Dr. T. Lilly Golda is an editor of TJELLS, an international e-journal. All the members of the faculty participate in seminars, conferences and workshops, present research papers and publish research articles in reputed journals. They also share their expertise with other colleges by serving as resource persons.
The holistic development of the students is being ensured through various curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Guest lectures are organized periodically with the support of resource persons from other colleges. Students are given opportunities to enhance their creativity by preparing journals and albums. University ranks and state level recognitions in co-curricular and extracurricular activities are aimed at, and achieved periodically. Great emphasis is laid upon enhancing the employability skills of the students. The English Association conducts seminars, literary competitions, quiz and other activities to achieve the same.

Following are the details of a few remarkable events organized by the department:

1. Two day district level ELT workshop (19.01.2005 & 20.01.2005) 2. One day state level seminar, RESEARCH REGALIA (10.02.2012) 3.One day state level workshop, EMPOWER YOUR INNER POWER (20.12.2012) 4. One day international workshop, SPELL 2013 (04.10.2013)
The department offers a Career Oriented Programme on Mass Communication and Business Communication funded by the UGC under the XI plan for the students of I B.A. English. The Career Oriented Programme classes are conducted for the first degree students during non working hours. Resource persons from other colleges, university departments and experts from other fields also help the department to enhance the quality of learning/teaching.
Adequate care is taken to ensure that all the students acquire the essential academic proficiency and employability skills required to secure good placement. In this regard, every year, the students participate extensively and keep winning laurels in the Proficiency/Vocabulary Test, Test in English Usage, Employability Skill Test and Test in Effective Communication conducted by Shakespeare Institute of English Studies, Chennai.


25.09.13 Research in English Literature: “The Basics” Guest Lecturer 185 participants Conference hall


SNO NAME Date Event Year Prize Organizer
1 P.Indira Gandhi 30.08.2013 Mono Acting III BA. Eng I Prize RaniAnna College, Tirunelveli
2 Pavitha 30.08.2013 Spell Bee III BA. Eng III Prize RaniAnna College, Tirunelveli
3 P.Indira Gandhi 31.08.2013 Amizhthini 2013 III BA. Eng II Prize Lady Doak College , Madurai
4 Rathi Kumari 31.08.2013 Folk Dance III BA. Eng I Prize Lady Doak College , Madurai
5 Prabha Rani 31.08.2013 Folk Dance II BA. Eng I Prize Lady Doak College, Madurai
6 P.Rajeswari 01.09.2013 Lasalle 50Chess II BA. Eng Score 2 points in 6 rounds St.Lasalle Hr.Sec.School
7 K.S.Anushya 27.09.2013 Interdepartmental Paper Presentation III BA. Eng I Prize Conducted by English Department
8 N.Priyanka 27.09.2013 Interdepartmental Paper Presentation I Math II Prize Conducted by English Department
9 S.Nishanthini 27.09.2013 Interdepartmental Paper Presentation I (reg) II Prize Conducted by English Department
10 A.Gandhimathi 27.09.2013 Interdepartmental Paper Presentation III B.A III Prize Conducted by English Department


Dr. D. Sankary presented a paper on “Improving Academic Language Proficiency through Comprehensible Input “,at an ELTAI International Conference organized by SRM University, Chennai, from 18th to 20th July, 2013. She has also presented a paper on “ Disconnect between competence and performance - An Investigation Study” at an International Seminar “International Congress on English Grammar” at Sri. Ramakrishna Engineering college, Coimbatore on 23rd and 25th January 2014. Dr. R.C. Vasuki, Dr. D. Sankary,, Dr. P. Bala Shanmuga Devi, Dr.T. Lilly Golda and Ms. G. Sharmely attended an International conference “Teaching English for Employability (TEE - 13)” organized by Annammal College of Education for Women, ELTAI and British Council ,Tuticorin on 21st & 22nd November 2013. Dr. D. Sankary presented a paper on “Enhancing the Employability of ESL Learners through Mediation”, Dr. P. Bala Shanmuga Devi on “Psychological Impediments in Language Acquisition”, Dr.T. Lilly Golda on “Acquisition of writing skills: An Overview of effective strategies” and Ms. G. Sharmely on “Foremost Aptitude in the Presentation skills for public speaking” at the same Seminar. Ms G. Sharmely has presented a paper on “Saru’s fight for survival in Shashi Deshpande’s The Dark Holds No Terrors” at a National Seminar “New Trends in English Literature and Language (NASTELL-2014)” organized by Noorul Islam University , Kumarakoil on 30.04.2014. She has also participated in a National Seminar “Communication: The key to change” at Wavoo Wajeeha Women’s College of Arts and Science, Kayalpatnam on 7th December, 2013. Dr. P. Bala Shanmuga Devi participated in a National Seminar “Educational Leadership, in the /Digital Era” at St. Thomas College of Education, Tuticorin on 11th January,2914. Dr. R.C. Vasuki, Dr. T. Lilly Golda, and Ms. G. Sharmely participated in the National Seminar “Indian Writing in English: A Literary Uprising” at Mannar Thirumalai Naickar College, Madurai, on 28th September, 2013. Dr. R.C. Vasuki, and Dr. T. Lilly Golda, participated in the National Seminar “New Perspectives and Practices for Quality Enhancement in Higher Education ” at, Holy Cross College, Nagercoil, on 8th October 2013. Dr.R.C.Vasuki, and Dr. T. Lilly Golda, participated in the National Seminar “Institutional Quality Improvement: Role of Information and Communication Technology ” at, St. Mary’s College, Tuticorin on 31-01-2014 & 01-02-2014. Dr.T. Lilly Golda, Mrs. D. Shunmuga Jothi, Ms. G. Sharmely & Dr. Anita Albert participated in the State level Seminar “Motivation Techniques in the Second Language class room” at V.O.Chidambaram College,Tuticorin , on 28-04-2014.