Attendance is compulsory.Further a student must havea minimum of 75% attendance to be eligible to write the semester examinations.Students with less than 75% attendance will have to repeat the semester after the stipulated duration of the course.Regular attendance is a must.No one shall be absent from class without proper reason.The members of the staff shall make attendance at the beginning of each period.
A student who is not in the class,when the attendance is taken shall be marked as absent.If a student absents herself even for one hour,she will lose attendance for that session.The attendance of each student will be totalled at the end of the semester.Periodic intimation will be sent to the parent or guardian of the student for suitable action.


  • A Student requiring leave must apply in the prescribed leave form.She should state in the leave form about the reason for her leave.The leave letter counter signed by the parent must be forwarded through the tutor.

  • Absence without proper leave letter would be severely dealt with.

  • Students who have to leave the class during the session for any valid reason can do so after obtaining permission from the Principal.She can leave the campus only after getting the gate pass from the office.

  • All the scholarship/fee concession holders should have 90% of attendance,failing which the entire scholarship/fee concession amount has to be refunded to the Government as per G.O Ms.No.1537 Social Welfare Department dated 20.04.1983.


Students who represent the college in sports and games or in competitions,such as fine arts,quiz,elocution etc.. or in N.S.S/N.C.C /RSP/YRC camps are given credit of attendance .They should fill the proper forms and get them counter signed by the professors-in-charge,before they leave the college for participation.Those who fail to do so will be considered as absentees.