A P C M Services

  Career Guidance Cell


Providing necessary information regarding employment opportunities to the students,Giving them training on soft skills, Preparing them for competitive examinations,Developing entrepreneurial skill of the students,Enhancing the self confidence through career counseling

Events Held (After the NAAC visit -2013):

A One day workshop was arranged on 16.9.2013 in collaboration with Rotary club of spic nagar. Training was given on personality development, self-confidence and problem solving ability.Free model paper for CAT, MAT, TANCET was given to the students by TIME through our career guidance cell,One week training was given to the students on Jewellery making, flower making, tailoring and handwork from 21.10.2013 to 25.10.2013.“Maha Ruby Bazaar” was conducted on 10.01.2014 and 11.01.2014 on the event of Ruby Jubilee celebration of our college. This helps the students in developing marketing skill as a part of entrepreneurship development.

  Social Service League


Service to mankind is a service to god".


Our student volunteers accompanied by the staff incharge Dr.A. Padrakali, & S.Sudha frequently visit, donate and extend their timely service to orphans, Hospitals, Home for the aged, visually challenged and disabled. It is customary to visit St Joseph Leprosy hospital on Founders day and donate rice. Our volunteers also entertain the orphans, senior citizens with culture programmes.

Events (After NAAC visit 2013):

Imayam school for the orphans, Rice and sweets were donated ,Anbu Aashramam, Thoothukudi Donated – tea- can and snacks, Provided lunch ,Donated vessels and pipes,Nesakarankkal groceries were donated,St Joseph Leprosy Hospital Donated 4 bags of rice,Home for the aged Provided lunch, Lucia society for the blind, and other disabled ,Thoothukudi Donated Rs. 2000,St Joseph Leprosy Home Provided pulses,Seva Aashramam Provided lunchNatchatra parvaiyatror kazhagam,Tirunelveli Funds mobilized and donated,Indian Association for the blind, MaduraiFunds mobilized and donated ,Environmental Protection Awareness Programme,Environmental Protection Awareness Programme.

Work shop

A fabulous one day workshop on pranic healing conducted by Prof. V. Muthiah, Former HOD of English, V.O.C. was an eye-opener. To stress the need and importance of charity, we conduct essay writing and slogan writing competitions on related topics. Bearing in mind the fact that the need for charity and compassion towards the less fortunate, is still very much a necessity, our future plans are to be designed and executed accordingly.



To develop the character of working together among studentsMaking students involved in Social Services.

Events: (After NAAC visit 2013)

In collaboration with Thoothukudi Collectorate, on 10.07.13 a Rally for Rain Water Harvesting was arranged . The Ralley is from Corporation office to Old Municipal Office, Thoothukudi. On 04.09.13, an Eye Donation Fortnight Programme was arranged In association with Aravind Eye Hospital, Thoothukudi. 31.01.14- Programme insisting Eye Donation Special Lecture: Mrs.Saradha from Aravind Eye Hospital, Tirunelveli Topic: Eye Donation and Eye Banking. 03.02.14- Voters Awareness Programme. Lecture by Dr.S.Krishnaveni, Dept. Of Tamil, V.O.C.College. Topic: Voting – An important duty of a citizen. 11.03.14- Rally giving awareness to voters- Tharuvai ground – Alagar Jewellers – Abirami Silks – Kasukadai Bazaar – Tharuvai ground(In Collaboration with Collectorate Special Lecture by Dr.Anitha, Aravind Eyd Hospital, Thoothukudi.

  National Cadet Crops


A. P. C. Mahalaxmi Collegefor Women has both Army and Naval wings of National Cadet Corps. The NCC unit of the Institution started to function in 1978. Mrs. Stella Prabakaran, Dept.of English holds the pride of being the first A.N.O. of the institution. Mrs.Tamilarasi (Dept.of. English) Completed her training for A.N.O. in Gwalior form 29.09.1987 to 26.12.1987 and attended a Refresher course at Gwalior Ms.P.Bala Shummuga Devi, Dept.of.English completed her training on OTA, Gwalior from 23.09.2002 to 24.12.2002 and assumed the office of A.N.O.. Presently, Mrs.M.Muthukani, Dept.of.Zoology Serves as the ANO and leads the Unit successfully.

Some of the laurels in the Unit are:

S.Ramashree (B.A.English) - Launch camp, cuddalore, 1998 – Best cadet (State Level), T.Muthulakshmi (B.A. History) - Sailing 1998 - II Place National, Ponselvi Shunmugaveli (B.A.English) - Overall Performance 1999 Dute Edinburgh awardM.Jeyamani ( B.A. Tamil) & T.Muthulakshmi (B.A.History) – >Boat Pulling at lake Chilka, 2000 - II National, M.Tamilselvi (B.A. History) - Overall Performance - Visakapattanm, 2002 - Gold Medal.M.Elangeswari (B.A.History) - Nausanik Launch Camp III 2003 –Gold Medal in Boat PullingT.Elizabeth Jansi Rani (B.A.History) - Outsanding Performance - Cash Award M.Sasikala (B.Sc. Physics) - Firing 2005 - Gold Medal NationalC.V.Renuga Gomathi (B.A. English) - Outstanding Performance Best Cadet (State)V.Abirami (B.Sc Zoology), S.Sasi Rekha (B.Sc Chemistry) &B.Viji (B.Com) NiC Haryana 2007 - Invited to watch Republic Day Parade – New DelhiV.Abirami (B.Sc. Zoology) - Camp at Srinagar, 2007 - Best Cadet NationalK.Mathana (B.Com with C.A.) - Best Cadet - Invited to attend Republic Day Parade, New Delhi.S.Jenifer Mutharasi - Best word of comment 2011 - Best Camp SeniorP.Ponmani - Camp at Madurai 2011 - Best Cadet State Achievements: During this academic period, 2012, Cadets have won prizes in various cultural events and firing in the camps conducted at Rani Anna College, Tirunelveli, Aditanar College, Tiruchendur and P.S.N.Engineering College, Tirunelveli. P.Indira Gandhi won the gold medal in firing contest and was honoured as the Best Cadet.

  Health Club


The main objective is propagating the principle of “Ideal life.”Health Club strives hard to ensure a healthy life for the young students.


Providing Health service is the main part of its activities.
Health care services help for promoting the all around personality of the students,Health cell provides awareness of Health Issues,

Strategies Followed:

Participation in Awareness Programmes Organized by Government and Non –Government Agencies Other Institutions.,Conducting various competitions on Essay writing, ,elocution, Poster Designing, Painting and Caption writing.Organising exclusive Exhibitions on various themes.Collecting and compiling tips on Healthy Life.Conducting special campus on Blood Donation and Chickun Gunia.Presenting case studies like HIV positive patient and trans Gender.

Notable Health Awareness Programmes Held:

Observing World Brest Feeding week,Observing Blood Donation,Observing World AIDS day,Chickun Gunia Awareness Camp,Awareness on Obesity,Pulse Polio Campaign,Balanced Diet,

Events Held (After the NAAC visit -2013):

Special lectures by eminent medical practitioners, Dietician were arranged.,Competitions and Exhibitions were conducted to involve the students in the campaign for a healthy life.,Quiz programmes exclusively on Health care were also conducted.,Awareness programme on “Healthy life” was conducted with Mrs.M.s.Roopa Dept of Food & ,Nutrition , Holy Cross Home Science College as the resource person on 26.09.2013.Lecture on “Food acts as Medicine” was delivered by Mrs.Muthukani, Asst. Professor of Zoology on 24.03.2014 .A programme on “Medicinal Drugs and Beauty tips” was organized by students of Health Club on 26.02.2014.Awareness programme on “How to keep our Body healthy” was given by Dr.K.Rajendra Retnam , Neuro surgeon on 07.08.2014.



To green the campus naturally,To teach students how to grow plants in garden,To create knowledge on Herbal Medicines,To beautify the campus,To create awareness on Nature by giving guest lectures


Essay on “Role of plants in pollution control” (01.10.2013),Elocution of “If there is no plants…” (04.10.2013) .Exhibition cum competition on “Art from plant products” (07.10.2013),Gardening competition (03.01.2014) ,Exhibition cum competition on “Art from plant products” (07.10.2013),Gardening competition (03.01.2014) ,Elocution of “If there is no plants…” (04.10.2013) 2014-15: ,Guest lecture on “Illathirku Iniya Thavarangal” by Mrs. K.Subbulakshmi, Associate Professor in Tamil, A.P.C.M.College (18.08.2014)



To develop awareness about communicable and non communicable diseases especially Aids awareness.Caring HIV positive persons without hesitation.

Events (After NAAC 2013) :

03.02.2014 –Competition-Topic:Communicable Diseases and Preventive Measures, I Prize: Shared by Two, 1.Karpaga laxmi, I B.Com(SF) 2. K.Ahemed Fathima III B.Com(SF) II Prize: P.Ulaga Avoodai I Mathematics,12.02.2014- RRC Member Orientation/Training Programme. Speaker: E.Baskara Pani Rajan, District Manager, RRC, Collectorate. 12.02.2014- RRC Member Orientation/Training Speaker: Mrs.S.Selvi, Secretary, Positive Network, Thoothukudi.

  Quiz club


Quiz Club has been actively functioning since 1975 itself. Objectives
Inculcating a spirit of inquiry and a thirst for knowledge.Tapping the hidden talents of the student community.


Every year, a preliminary Quiz Competition will be conducted for the members of the quiz-club and the interested students are trained and encouraged to participate in various Quiz competitions.

Events Held (After the Naac visit-2013):

S.Caroline Priyanka(II B.Com S.F.) and S.Banu Priya(II B.Com S.F) won II Prize in the Quiz Competition organized by Kamaraj College on 15.07.2013.A.Kiruba Nandhini(III B.Sc Phy) and P.Shenbaga Lakshmi(III B.Com R) won I Prize (Cash Award of Rs.500)in the Quiz Competition held at Holy Cross College, Nagercoil on 27.09.2013.

  Students’ Union


To promote transparent and democratic functioning of the college., Ensures a harmonious environment in the campus.

Activities :

Represents the grievances and demands of the students to the principal,Ensures a harmonious environment in the campusOrganizes cultural and sports eventsDevelops organizing and leadership skills of the students,Promotes transparent and democratic functioning,Students’ Activity Committee is financially assisted by the institution

Union Members (2014-2015):

Chairman              - T.Narmatha  (B.Sc.Maths)
Secretary               - P.Rajeswari (B.A. English)
Joint Secretary      – S. Poornakala Devi (III B.Com Unaided )
Treasurer               – C.Shunmuga Priya (B.Sc.Maths) 

Union In-Charge:

Dr.S. Malarkodi (Associate Professor in Commerce)
Dr. D. Radha (Assistant Professor in Maths)
Dr. K. Neetha (Assistant Professor in Tamil)
Dr. S. Gomathy (Assistant Professor in Zoology)
Mrs. J. Arockia Jeyanthi (Assistant Professor in Computer Science)

  Women Forum


In 1999 Social Welfare Department, Tamilnadu organized Legal Awareness Training Programmes for College Teachers. Our teachers also attended the programme and gained sensitization towards Women Folk.


Gender sensitization with regard to their legal rights and duties and Women Empowerment to gain full access to the means of development are the thrust areas of the Forum.Ensuring social Justice and Gender Equality.Strategies adoptedLaunching awareness programmes , Organizing exclusive programmes Conducting classes on Women Empowerment Documentation on Women’s Issues>Supplying reading materials on Women’s Issues

Events (After Naac visit 2013):

A lecture on Women’s development was delivered by Dr.K.Krishna veni Asst. professor Tamil Dept, V.O.C .College, Thoothukudi on 08.08.2014.

  Ethics and Culture Club


In 2000 Ethics and Culture Club was formed by Our Principal,Mrs.Ilambarai Manimaren,We have arranged guest lecturers about our life Ethics Culture and Religion


To give awareness about our culture to the outgoing students.Promote the students to face the Family life bravely and to know their rights in family as well as in society.

Events held:

Conducting Vivekananda Ketra Panpatu Thervu every year.Conducting Thirukural Thervu for willing students.And so on.

   Excel Club


The Excel Club functions with the aim of developing communication skill of the students.


Offers training and coaching to develop the skills

  Road Safety Patrol


Road Safety Patrol was inaugurated in 2001 Members of the RSP help the Traffic Police in regulating the traffic at crucial junctions.


Members have participated in the rally – focusing importance of wearing helmet. The cell helped the students to get driving license with the help of the District Traffic Police. Awards Day were organized and District Police Superintendant addressed the students and distributed certificates and awards to the school and college students.

   Rotary Club


Rotary Club was inaugurated in 2005 with the objective of imparting Civic responsibility in the minds of young students.


Greening the village,Conducting awareness campaign,Serving the public


Earlier, the club adopted Melaarasaradi under “Grama Jyothi – Rotary Project” and main activity was Greening the village. The Club conducted (jointly with the Isha Yoga Centre) a free Medical camp at the village. Under the project of “Need Blood – Call Rotary” a directory was prepared. Name and contact number of the voluentary blood donors were registered. Awareness campaign on “Chickun Gunia Prevention” Blood donation and Pulse Polio are successfully organized. Recently two students won the First Prize in the Collage Competition conducted by Rotary Club of Pearl City, Thoothukudi.

   Youth Red Cross


The Indian Red Cross society (I.R.C.S) was established in 1920 (constituted under Act XV of 1920). In 1999, the Youth Red Cross unit of the college was started.The local unit of YRC is functioning under the patronage of the Principal.


To inculcate social responsibility of students,To arouse the social consciousness of students,To provide the students with opportunities to interact with the people around them creatively , To make education an instrument for social betterment


Certain projects have been carried out over the past years. We are the pioneer in installing a Road safety patrol in Tuticorin.We have extended our service in the Tuticorin Railway Station also. We are the pioneer in offering our service at the Government Hospital Tuticorin. We have taken Disaster Management as one of our focused areas.Enabling the differently abled persons comes under our thrust area.We represented the Indian Red Cross Society, Tamilnadu Branch at a National Camp in Orissa. Road Safety Patrol, Blood Donors club are the wings of our YRC. Our YRC Volunteers are in the District Disaster Response Team constituted by I.R.C.S, District branch.

Awards and Honours:

We are appreciated and recognized by the public, government authorities and Red Cross officials – We won the first place at the National level for our activities. We stood first among 12 states at a National Camp in Orissa.Our Road safety patrol unit and its co-ordinator have been honoured with shields and medals several times by the district Traffic Police. Our YRC unit and its programme officer have been honoured by the District Administration for organizing blood donation camps.Our YRC programme officer has been selected as the Member of State Disaster Response Team constituted by I.R.C.S, Tamil Nadu Branch. She has been selected and has undergone a state level training – First medical Responder. Our programme officer has been awarded as the ‘Best District Organizer of YRC’ by the IRCS Tamil Nadu Branch.She has been nominated by the I.R.C.S, Tamil Nadu Branch to represent the Indian Red Cross Society in an International Red Cross conference in South Korea. Articles on our activities have appeared in leading magazines and news papers including “The Hindu” several times.

   Sports Club

The Invitation Basketball Tournament was conducted in our College on 6.1.2014 and 7.1.2014 as a part of the Ruby Celebration. Students from four schools of Thoothukudi district namely Subbiah Vidhyalayam, A.P.C.Veerabahu Matric School, The Vikasa School and Holy Cross Anglo Indian participated with high spirits. The Tournament was declared open by our Principal Dr.P.G.Seethalakshmi. Well – qualified physical directors namely Mr.Sathya Sankar, Mr.Sankaran, Mr.Sathish and Mr.Pradeep Kumar were appointed as Referees. The Semi-Finals and the Finals took place on the second day. Our Honourable President Thiru.A.P.C.V.Chockalingam and our Secretary Madam C.Subbulakshmi were the Chief Guests. At the closing Ceremony our Principal gave the valedictory address and congratulated the winners. She also wished all the players success in their future levels. Then the Secretary distributed the certificates and cups to the winners. The Second place was won by The Vikasa School. They received the runners Trophy. Holy Cross Anglo Indian girls Higher Secondary School came first and received the winners Maha Ruby Fest 2014 Trophy. The Tournament came to a close with the singing of the National Anthem.