Feedback from Stakeholders


Feedback from stakeholders plays a vital role in improving the quality of teaching and learning methods followed by the institution. It facilitates the institution to identify and strengthen the grey areas, and guides the Management to achieve its vision and mission. The institution follows an effective method of collecting online feedback from the following stakeholders:

  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Parents &
  • Alumnae


Feedback from Students:

At the end of the academic year, feedback forms are sent to students in order to find out their opinion regarding curriculum, teaching methods followed by the faculty, content delivery, infrastructure, amenities, student support and services, internal examinations and its assessment, guidance given by the institution for slow learners, redressal of grievances etc.,

The College frequently organizes seminars, workshops, conferences, guest lectures, and competitions to enhance students’ knowledge beyond the curriculum. Feedback is also collected from the students at the end of such programmes to find how far these programmes are significant from students’ perspective.

Feedback from Faculty:

Feedback is mainly collected from teachers to find out their attitude towards curriculum, contents, and its effectiveness in improving the quality of education. If the curriculum is found to be too elaborate, then representations are made to the University through the Members of Board of Studies. Further feedback is also collected from the faculty after conducting Faculty Development Programmes.

Feedback from Parents:

Feedback is collected from parents at the end of every Parents-Teachers Meet. This feedback is obtained to find out the opinion of parents regarding the facilities provided to students, quality of teaching, method of assessing students’ performance, discipline, role of the institution in moulding and developing students’ capabilities, redressal of students’ grievances, and about career-oriented programmes offered for the betterment of students.

Feedback from Alumnae:

Feedback from alumnae is collected at the end of Alumnae Meet to obtain information about their placements, higher education, their opinion about the Alma Mater after their graduation, how the institution helped them to achieve their goals and the relationship between the institution and the alumnae, importance given for alumnae in Annual Days and other programmes.

Feedback forms are designed by Internal Quality assurance Cell of the Institution. The Feedback Committee prepares the questions and circulates them through google forms. The collected feedback is analysed by IQAC which submits the report of analysed feedback to the Principal who in turn forwards the report to the Management for corrective actions and improvising the overall quality of the institution if necessary.







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