APCian Research Forum


The APCian Research Forum been formed with one representative faculty from each discipline and is headed by the Research Coordinator. The main objective of APCian Research Forum (ARF) is to create awareness and opportunities in research and development among the faculty & research scholars and to induce interest among the staff members to take up research projects from various funding agencies. The APCian Research Forum meets at regular intervals to monitor and discuss on research related information. The ARF constantly monitor the information about the various funding agencies and disseminate the same to all the faculty members. It encourages the faculty members to apply for minor and major research proposals to UGC, DST-FIST and other similar funding agencies and also assists in preparation and submission of research proposals. The ARF also monitors the progress of research projects and the research scholars who have been enrolled for M.Phil/Ph.D Programme. The ARF organizes various Faculty Development Programs (FDPs), by inviting the teaching fraternity from other institutions to guide the faculty members in writing research proposals.

The IPR Cell of the college was constituted to provide Intellectual Property Rights awareness for teachers, research scholars and students. It also scrutinizes legal and monetary facets of the documentation of research papers. IPR cell contributes knowledge about IPR and aid in filing of patent applications and filing other forms of IPR. IPR cell functions under the APCian Research Forum of the college. IQAC in association with IPR cell organized a seminar with three sessions, to propagate the importance of IPR among the teaching community of the college.


Our research policy provides a broad framework to guide scholarly research with the
following objectives:

  • To create and promote a culture of research among the faculty and students.
  • To identify research areas and specify research topics of academic, practical and socially relevant significance
  • To organize seminars/conferences/workshops on research topics and training programmes in research methodology and Intellectual Property rights.
  • To ensure quality, integrity and ethics in research.
  • To publish research material in UGC, Scopus, SCI and ESCI journals and to make available such published information to the end users.
  • To facilitate the publication of reports submitted by the research scholars
  • To bring about an annual/periodic compendium of abstracts/papers presented by the staff and students in various seminars / conferences / workshops.
  • To serve as a facilitator providing professional guidance, technical support and recommendation for financial assistance

APCian Research Forum Coordinator : Dr.H. Kohila Subathra Christy,                                                                                                            Head & Assistant  Professor of Chemistry,



Intellectual Property Right Cell & Staff Project Cell::

  • Dr. A. Vijayalakshmi, Assistant  Professor of Tamil
  • Dr. V. Mahalakshmi, Assistant Professor of Maths
  • Dr. Sivagama Shunmuga Sundari, Assistant Professor of Commerce
  • Dr. S. Sankaravadivu, Assistant  Professor of Chemistry
  • Mrs. J. Arockia Jeyanthi, Assistant  Professor of Computer Science
  • Dr. V. Jeyanthikumari, Assistant  Professor of Zoology
  • Dr. N. Rathna, Assistant  Professor of Physics