B.Sc. Maths (Unaided)

B.Sc. Mathematics

B.Sc. Mathematics is a three year undergraduate academic degree course offered. It enables the students to develop their problem solving skills.

Programme Objectives
  • Demonstrate basic manipulative skills in algebra, geometry, and trigonometry and beginnings calculus.
  • Apply the underlying unifying structures of mathematics (i.e., sets, relations and functions, logical structure) and the relationship among them.
  • Communicate mathematical ideas both orally and in writing.
  • Investigate and solve unfamiliar math problems
Learning Outcome
  • Find out the relationship between roots about coefficients
  • Gain knowledge about first-order higher degree equations
  • Learn how to apply comparison, root, and Cauchy’s condensation test
  • Understand the fundamental of binomial Poisson and normal distributions
  • Understand the concept of hyperbolic functions
  • Understand the concept of vector differentiation and evaluate the double & triple


  • Understand Computer Programming and its roles in program solving
  • Understand Socially and Professionally, in formal and informal circumstances
  • Understand and apply the fundamental concepts in graph theory