The social service league started functioning in our institution right from the year of the inception in the year 1973. “Service to mankind is service to god” is a well-known adage. A feeling of care and compassion towards our fellow human beings is part of our God given natural deposition. The whole human race has be one body in mutual love and affection. We APCIANS, by our efforts through the SOCIAL SERVICE LEAGUE, are trying to do our part in achieving that goal. Our student volunteers, accompanied by the staff-charge D. A. Padrakali, and Prof. S. Sudha frequently visit, donate and extend their service to AnbuAshramam, Nesakarangal,, St. Joseph Leprosy hospital, Home for the Aged, Lucia society for the blind and other disabled, Sevaashramam, Imayam school for orphans, NatchathiraParvaiyatrorNalasangam and Indian Association for the blind and rehabilitation center. It is customary to visit ST Joseph Leprosy hospital on Founder’s day and donate rice. Our volunteers also entertain the orphans and senior citizens with cultural programs. We are honored and happy to place on record the fact that the Indian Association for the Blind has recognized us as the best charitable organization for having collected donation towards international white Cane Day and has presented us with silver medal and silver zone award. We find immense pleasure in conducting awareness camps relating to environmental protection and health care in the remote villages, we render a helping hand to the visually challenged in selling their products. Our services also include sponsoring lunch and supper, donating edibles, utensils and other household items to the homes for the needy. Bearing in mind the fact that the need for charity and compassion towards the less fortunate is still very much a necessity, our future plans are to be designed and executed accordingly.


  • To educate students about the social service
  • To identify the needy section of the society and inform to the Students.
  • To make the students to take steps to solve the social problems.
  • To inculcate the students helping tendency.