Chemistry Research Centre

Ph.D. Chemistry

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Chemistry is designed to better prepare doctoral level chemists to enjoy productive careers in industrial laboratories, research foundations or academic institutions.
Research areas in the department cover a wide range of subject matter, including applied chemistry, chemical synthesis, biological chemistry, environmental chemistry, chemical analysis, materials chemistry, chemical physics and theoretical chemistry.

Programme Objectives
  • Ph.D. Chemistry prepares students for research and teaching careers with a diverse emphasis on the basic, life, medical, physical, energy, materials, and environmental sciences.
  • A Ph.D. Chemistry course usually involves studying topics like physical biochemistry, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, advanced analytical chemistry, organic synthesis, quantum mechanics, and etc.
  • Doctorate programmes also inherently focus on the overall development of the student’s laboratory skills, as well as research, along with enhancing the student’s knowledge.
  • While the student will have plenty of opportunities to gain hands-on training with modern and sophisticated equipment wherever necessary, they will also benefit from the expertise of the course supervisors, wherever needed.
  • On completion of this doctorate degree they must submit their ‘thesis’. Doctorate degree enables one to keep expanding frontiers of knowledge and provides research training relevant to the present social and economic objectives.


Learning Outcome
  • In-depth knowledge in one main chemistry field with sufficient background in two related fields through advanced course work and laboratory research
  • Carry out independent chemistry research with competency in research design, data gathering and interpretation, and communication of research results through scientific publications and presentations
  • Competitive professional employment in academia, industry, consulting, government, and teaching at the college level
  • Understanding and awareness of professional, ethical and safety applications of their knowledge