B.A. Tamil

B.A. Tamil

Bachelor of Arts in Tamil or B.A in Tamil is a three-year undergraduate programme is taught to those students who want to increase their competence and knowledge in Tamil Literature and Language.

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Through the B.A Tamil programme, the students understand the language discourse and linguistic concepts from a functional grammar perspective.

In this undergraduate programme, the students gain rare insights into a range of literary styles, periods and genres of Tamil language.

Programme Objectives
  • To provide an understanding of Grammar, History of literature, literature (Sangam and modern), the culture of Tamilnadu, Journalism, Folklore and creating literature of their own
  • To get updated knowledge of Tamil
  • To Teach and create Knowledge of Poetry, short stories, Drama, and Prose.
Learning Outcome
  • Shown the direction to live a purposeful life as reflected through literature
  • Trained in computers through Tamil
  • Supported the differently challenged students to be on par with others
  • Developed language and communicative skills. Developed aesthetic sense to appreciate literature and life.