Forty six complete years is a landmark in the history of any institution. One can certainly look back with certain amount of pride on his commitment to academic excellence and the tremendous amount of work done by the Management, faculty members, staff and students of the college for the progress of the Institution all through the years. The college has to offer more opportunities to the students to realize their responsibilities and to play their multiple roles with distinction. An educated young woman should be an asset to the family and the whole Nation. In our Institution students are oriented to develop values, self-respect, dignity and integrity. The training our students receive from the Institution empowers them to face all the trying life situations with determination. I am happy to add that in our Institution the roles of the staff and students are complementary and not compartmentalized. The management, staff and students are members of one family working together for one and the same goal with a sense of togetherness. I pay my grateful homage to all those who pioneered and nurtured the Institution. The example set by my father our beloved Founder Kulapathy A.P.C.Veerabahu, has inspired me to bring the same zeal and devotion to my work. I am sure that the college would march towards grandeur, producing more and more wonderful citizens.