Kulapathi A. P. C. Veerabahu

Kulapathi A. P. C. Veerabahu started V. O. Chidambaram College with a missionary zeal of throwing open the portals of Higher Education to all, irrespective of their caste, creed and gender. He firmly believed that education alone can ensure the development of an individual, a society and a nation. He advocated the kind of education which contributes to the holistic development of an individual who in turn will contribute to the material and moral development of the society and the well being of the entire humanity. He wanted to aspire for creating a just and humane society where dignity of human beings is respected, unjust social structures are challenged, the national legacy of diversity, secularism, non-violence and national integration are upheld and where the poor and the marginalized are taken care of. It was not an easy job to administer the college. Though there were many hurdles our founder successfully surmounted them and developed the college. He started the V. O. Chidambaram college of Education in the year 1955. Usually girls in those days were not allowed for higher education. To prevail that he started A. P. C. Mahalaxmi College for Women in the year 1973. “On any account Education should not be commercialized” was the mind set of our founder Kulapathy A. P. C. Veerabahu and he achieved it. He rendered his lifetime for all such services and even his last-minute thinking was about the institutions. His last wish was that the college should continue to sustain his mind set that education should not be commercialized, it has been and will be gratified forever.