Entrepreneurship is growing in leaps and bounds in India, offering new oppportunities for the eco-system to take shape. Biologically speaking, “incubators” are places where the young ones are hatched and nurtured. Likewise, the incubation centres nurture the start ups, giving them a chance to grow stronger and adapt themselves to the environment found outside. An incubation centre serves as a catalyst in promoting the economic growth of a Nation by offering services that include training, mentoring, networking, providing office space and an array of other benefits. The incubation centre connects the entrepreneurs’ investors, mentors, trainers, the management and the faculty and converts innovations into products annd services that ar commercially viable. Installation of an incubation centre has become a necessity in this fast growing world. The institution has planned to set up one in our campus too to promote the entrpreneurial spirit of the start ups. The necessary infrastructure facilities would be created to carry out incubation activities. Services such as training and internet acess would be provided. The suggestions of experts and mentors would be included. With the support of the management and guidance from the principal a team comprising five members of the teaching faculty has been formed. Students belonging to all disciplines were allowed to watch video clippings of flourishing entrepreneurs. Interested students were selected and their innovative ideas were collected and made note of. The spark in them would be kindled hoping that a bright future awaits them.