M.Phil Maths

M.Phil. Mathematics

M.Phil. Mathematics or Master in Philosophy of Mathematics is a postgraduate course in Mathematics . The degree course of Master in Philosophy in Mathematics encourages students to go to different mathematical, audit, trading, and teaching-related occupations such as banking accounting and financial services, government investment and insurance, and public administration.

The main emphasis is placed on mathematics during the course, which is the study of quantity, structure, space, and change.

The M.Phil. duration is mainly of two academic years.

Programme Objectives
  • Understand the basic concepts of research and its methodologies of scholarly writing and evaluate its quality
  • Develop and enhance their leadership and teaching abilities for careers demanding writing and communicative skills logically and globally
  • Recognize and integrate lifelong learning skills to become proactive in personal and professional life
Learning Outcome
  • Optimize counseling and guidance skills both for themselves and society
  • Publish their own individual article in journals through implementing the accumulated knowledge